Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trust Your Struggle

Life is simple. Life is complicated. Life is a journey...and it's not always easy. Being an adult is not fun...yet it's the funnest thing ever. It's filled with contradictions.


But you just have to trust it.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Dream....

Me + this dress + dinner at night in Paris+ a gorgeous date+ friends + warm summer night= THE DREAM!

eclectic shoe sex...


Oscar De La Renta Spring 2012

I'm dieing!

My year...

This is my year of reckoning! by the end of this year my life will be an art-house cinema!


Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover

I have a crazy love/obsession for Donald Glover. He's is strange, funny,talented,bazaar, gross, smart, and super amazing. I am wildly attracted to him! I am a huge fan of his stand-up! I am a huge fan of his show Community and I am a huge fan of his music!
Heartbeat is my song of the Day!



I am determined to have a stellar life. A life where I can provide for those who need help and support. I want to be so secure that I can lend a hand all the time. I am determined to be 100% happy in every sense in the word. I am determined to have everything that I've ever wanted/needed. I am determined to be successful. I am determined to live my life with a warm and fuzzy feeling. I determined to have my amazing friends by my side. I am determined to prosper! I am determined to work hard and reap the rewards. I determined to have stability. I am determined!

Tunnel Vision,

What to do?

I am 20 years old. I am a film/music addict, but my path is unclear to me. I attend university in San Francisco, study multimedia communications...left S.F and took the fall semester off. During my semester off I worked as an assistant to an artist signed to Warner Brother's. I also did a string of odd jobs to make more money. The question of "what are you doing Britt?" was hanging over my head everyday. I mean I was busy but, I wasn't happy. Now, I feel like I am back to the question "what are you doing Britt?". I am working a bunch of odd jobs again, some are really cool like assistant on music video shoot's, but it all feels like a tease. I mean I am around creative people, and talent, and crazy hectic sets, but I think I don't have exactly what I would like yet. I want a comfortable life, a stellar life....but how do I attain such a thing? I need more.

Deep Breaths, Big Smiles

Monday, December 5, 2011

Fuck Off...

Who has time to listen to what people have to say about you? If it's not your really good friends, or really close family then who cares? Why would you care? Why should you care? ... YOU SHOULDN'T. There is no time in life to try and make everyone a little selfish and fuck them your life, have your good friends around and be happy. Whatever makes you happy... do that. Life moves whether you move with it or not. SO, stop being held back by other people's comments, people who you don't have to get to know, or see ever again. They are so insignifcant it's retarded. Keep the people and things around you that truly matter to you, and live your fucking life, for fuck sake!

Everything's not lost,

Song of the morning...

Coldplay understand's.

"we've been living life, inside a bubble"


My Record Player "Sir Mix-A-Lot"

 I tell myself everyday, if i did not have my record player to listen too after my 18 hour days with my vanilla creme candle from Pier 1 imports...I would probably be a fcuking emo kid...a lost dark and twisty soul. But, since Sir Mix-A-Lot is alive and well, I am alive and well. I find myself spending whopping amounts of money to buy lp's and vinyls...but it's ok, it's literally the only thing keeping my saine from my chaotic, confusing life. Right now as I type this i'm listening too Coldplay's "Parachutes" record...mmmm, it's literally a perfect fucking album. I've been listening to this and only this for the past week...despite the fact I have a bunch of other records to listen too. But there is something so raw and passionate about Parachutes.
 Ameoba Music is Hollywood, California has easily become my "church", as soon as I walk in I forget about the outside world, and I frolic through the millions of albums and records that they carry. I breathe evenly, and i'm excited. It's my sanctuary. It's my relationship. It's my love. It's my inspiration!

Cheer's to records and inspiration,

Favorite Movie of Fall 2011...(so far)

This film is so beautiful and perfect. It's so relatable and fresh. I'm obsessed with this film. It's right up there with Blue Valentine. So amazing!

Can anybody fly this thing? (thing, meaning life)

So, I feel like i'm 100% confused and confuzzled on what it is i should be doing. I feel lost at time, stuck even. Because i spend my days working, and working, and oh working somemore...but i ask myself, what am i working this hard for? I mean it's good that i am working, but it's not towards anything that i really care about anymore. Also, i'm under stress to find another school to transfer too, another university. I just don't know. However, I do know that i love films, and music. I would love to be a director and a music supervisor, and study abroad in London or Paris. Hmmm...maybe i just answered my own questions. be continued....

Laugh with me a little...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My crazy life...

So...I do a million things a day. And my day usually starts at 8am on the dot....not to bad but, my day won't  end til midnight or later. SO i'm tired a lot. But anyway i get to do some really cool things...listen to tracks before they get recorded on, go to cool band shows or just shows in general, meet some of my idols, be around great people, be around interesting hard working people, and be around coffee, cell phones, clip boards and head sets 24/7 lol. However my biggest tool is my eyes, ears, and imagination...I have to be able to see bullshit from a mile away, i have to be ahead and prepared 24/7, i have to have a good ear for talent and for music, i have to use my imagination to be able to see use for a song to a scene that hasn't even been created yet. I'm around type a, big ballers all the time which make me have to be on my toes. and on average i meet 15 new people a day and i have to know there names, jobs, by the next time i see them. I'm super tired, and i work 50-65 hours a week. I'm very blessed to be in the situation that i am...and i owe it all to my sister Sabi. I would not be where i am with out her and my family. Shit is crazy!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tip Of The Day...

Do what YOU have to do to make YOUR life the shit!


Music Obsession At The Moment

I've alway's loved the chill wave genre...but Washed Out has taken it to another level! I picked up the vinyl at a little record shop in Philly! And my obsession is getting out of hand...this music makes me think and feel like every move i will make in life is 100% going to happen. There is something incredibly sexy and magical about this album! <3

Fav New Movie at the moment....

Midnight in Paris
Two Words: Woody Allen. Enough said.

Show Me What I'm Looking For...

This coming up fall semester I will be takeing off. I just need to time to figure things out and live a little bit more and experience things a little bit more. How cheezy right? But I'm looking for something...but i'm not sure what it is. I just know that i have yet to find it. Yes I have met amazing amazing people, but thats not what i'm missing. I'm looking for something else, and i won't know what it is until it finds me, or until my breathe has been taken away.
 And no i'm not really talking about a guy...blah blah blah he will come. I'm talking about life! There is something fantastic missing from it...but i have no idea what it is. I have found myself great at everything i have i need a challenge! Something that will come with a huge reward. I don't know. I just need to figure stuff out. And i will be takeing this semester to do that. Although my father and aunts and grandmother don't really understand that...but i understand it. My sister's understand. And i am confident that i will find what it is i'm looking for...or maybe it will find me.

Here's to clear minds, and free souls.


Summer 2011...So Far

 This summer has been crazy! I worked at a camp as a counsleor for 6 weeks! It was the hardest job ever. But i had fun the days that were good. There was so much bs other than that, not from my girls whom i counsled but from my boses. I've never felt so nothing i was doing was right. So as a result i made the executive decision to leave. I chose happiness and sanity. The camp world was so closed off and sheltered. I just couldnt  do it anymore. But over those 6 weeks...I went camping, white water rafting, kanoeing every day, rock climbing, and taught gymnastics. It was great...I also met tons of people, people from all over the world like London, New Zeland, Australia etc. Super interesting experience.
  But since i left camp, which was about five days ago maybe...I've done crazy things. My sister Sabi is on tour with Britney Spears is NYC for a week and a half, so i met up with her and went to a Femme Fatale show with my other sister Cristy, and we were backstage, met a bunch of cool people and are living the high life. It feels good because being left with my thoughts as far as leaving camp was killing me. I kept going back and forth...did i make the right choice? Didn't i? but now after going to the show and parties, and events it just made me want to live and explore the world and life. At camp i felt so shut down, and felt shitty and not like me. No beuno. I had to do what made me happy. Now I'm sitting in my hotel room getting ready for a Warner Bro's party. Nuts. I can't even register what's going with my sister's career...and ultimately whats going to happen to my family and i in the next couple months and years.
 This summer i have grown so much. I can look back at my journal entries and see the growth. I am very blessed and thankful to be in the position that i am in at this very moment. It's crazy! Rooftop parties in NYC, dinner at 3am, hair and make-up team, fabulous clothes, going to events, meeting producers and other celebs whom i adore and look up to. I can't even. I'm so humbled by all of it. I just hope that my life only get's better. Right now it's all about my sister which is amazing....but I can't wait for my career to really really start. I've sort of dipped my feet in my career, but i want that push and the opportunity to really make a name for myself.'s been a great summer of growth for me!

Let The Good Times Roll. <3


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Long Live Tosh.O

I love comedy! Love love love it...and Daniel Tosh is a genious! I watch Tosh.O on comedy central probs too much. He's super funny. Super fucking funny. 

Hey Daniel Tosh.... You're incredible! oh and you're a hot German! Great smile.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beginning of SUMMER SONG

This just makes me wanna clean; or drive somewhere in a convertible with a cigarette in hand!

Summer! Summer! Summer!

Summer Summer Summer Time!

 As of 1:45pm Friday, May 20th, 2011...I completed my second year of college! And am now in summer break! So stoked! Although this wasn't my best year academically,  it was still a tough one. Friendship roller coaster, room mate roller coaster, new cheer coach, fired from a job, family deaths, and crazy over bearing emotions. However there were more good times than bad!
 Now that summer is here, i can rebuild myself. Re-create myself. I will also be living out a dream of mine...teaching cheerleading at a summer camp. I have always wanted to do that...and now i can. This summer is going to be amazing...and my sister Cristy is a staff member as well. WINNING! and also my fellow counselors are from all over the world, so i can make friends from people from different countries. I am so excited! Hopefully everything goes well, and everything is super amazing.
 Now that summer is here it;s time to re-evaluate everything and make sure i;m doing everything i can to have a superb life. So far so good! This fall I will be getting my first apartment with homie Steven! The best person on the planet! This year starting with this summer is going to be so great! Positive change! Hard-work! and good laughs! So excited!

and here I go!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Up and Coming...

Kazaky! NOT ONLY do they where high heels better than a woman...but they dance in them too! They are simply amazing and Ukrainian!


My other passion...

So I know this might sound corny...but I love cheerleading. I have been cheering for about six years now. One year on an all-star team, three years in my high school varsity team, and two years on my university's team. I think obsessed with the hard work and coaches don't take crap from anyone. But it's so fun, and i learn new tricks and new skills. It's a whole other world. And this summer I'm really stoked because a dream of mine will be coming true! Teaching cheer at a summer camp for kids. Camp Starlight! woo! But yes, I'm a cheerleader! <3

Song Of The Morning!

One of my favorite bands...the use of guitar just make me want to dance!!! < 3

The Two Door Cinema Club with Under Cover Martyn

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wango Tango 2011

 This past weekend May 14th, I got a great opportunity to go to Kiss FM's Wango Tango, with a backstage pass. The concert was held in the Staples Center in Downtown, Los Angeles. There was a pre-show outside of the Staples Center, then the main even took place inside. I was amongst celebs...and got to witness first hand how artists prepare for a show, how they warm up, how they get pumped to go on stage, and then see them actually perform.
 Among the top dogs like J.Lo, Kesha, Britney Spears, and Cobra Starship...was newcomer and upcoming artist Sabi, who is my sister. She performed her solo song "goodnight" at the pre-show then did a huge performance with Cobra Starship at the main concert, and performed their new song " You Make Me Feel". It was such a surreal moment/experience to see my sister on a giant stage with people chanting her name. I was very lucky to have the experience i had. Watching the chaos backstage, and being right in the middle of all of it, running into celebs...watching the red carpet up close and personal, meeting my favorite artists, and being around people in the entertainment industry.
 Although my day was incredibly long, starting from 6am- ending at 3am the next day, Wango Tango weekend was so spectacular! I am incredibly inspired, and so proud of my sister! I also have a new found respect for's not easy being in the spotlight. Hair, make-up, wardrobe, nerves, media yelling at you for your picture, but once you get on that stage...once you hear your fans I'm sure all of it is worth it.

Wango Tango 2011

The Outside Stage


Me inside the Staples Center

Me and Sabi
Sabi -red carpet


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Song Of The Morning...

Chromeo...he's a strange guy, but brilliant non- the less.

His new song " Don't Turn The Lights On" is a winner!

perfect song to listen while waking up, and starting your day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Phillipe + David Blond

Husband and Husband! These two fabulous designers are just...well...FABULOUS!

Enough said.


She understands how to carry herself as a woman, she understands how to dress woman. Carolina Herrera is nothing short of brilliant! She has mastered strength, class and beauty which all reflects in her clothing line. Born in Venezuela, she was raised to believe that all woman should be fabulous no matter what they do. Although she is a posh woman, she has every right to be! She has done nothing but inspired women all over the world on how to present themselves.

She is a fashion genius, and on of my biggest sources of inspiration!

Long Live Carolina Herrera

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Up and Coming...

She's a bi-rcial musical genius. Not many know her name...yet. Her name is Sabi and she is my sister. Yep, my oldest sister. As a child i always looked up to her. She's a well-rounded, level headed go getter. And those don't come around often. She started out in a girl group duo called The Bangz...but slowly and successfully branched off to her solo career...being picked up and signed to Warner Brother's music label. In the past four months Sabi has made sprints into making a name for herself; being featured on Britney Spear's new album "Femme Fatal" on the track titled Beautiful (Drop Dead)...and very recently being featured on Cobra Starship's new single "You Make Me Feel". This weekend May 14th, she will be premiering her solo song "Goodnight" at Kiss FM L.A and Ryan Seacrest's Wango Tango held in downtown Los Angeles at The Staples Center.

Sabi has a bright future ahead of her. I know she will do very well in the music world, and be a positive influence. Growing up in a broken home, my sister's and I had to work, fight, and push for everything we wanted! And for her to get here within a couple of years is nothing short of spectacular! Sabi is a very determined and educated 23 year old...who has a degree in Communications from LBSU! 
This burst of fresh talent has nothing but success ahead of her. Team Sabi ALL THE WAY! 

Check Out Some Of Her Stuff...
Britney Spears feat Sabi "Beautiful (Drop Dead)
Cobra Starship feat. Sabi " You Make Me Feel"

Sabi "Goodnight"

Song Of The Night

The lyrics to this song are spectacular! This is my song of the night! Be strong! Be Yourself!

Long Live Ellie Goulding

Friendship Roller-Coaster...

Life is very're up, you're down. The key (in my opinion) is finding a balance and surrounding yourself with positive people and good vibes. These past two years of University i found the "positive people" part; or so i'd thought.

Before I make friends I have to feel their vibe, before becoming close. Which is normal, i feel like everyone should do that. I thought i had found the perfect bunch of people...but then i realized, that everyone changes. However, there are a select few who change with you, who help you grow and vice versa.

This past year, was great early on...I'd found a solid group of functioning friends and you know what...It felt great. Until everything became to familiar, to planned, to processed. So what do you do then? Well, i tried to pull away from everyone so that there would be space and time to be missed. And it worked for a while.

But now, some friends are gone from my immediate disposal...some whom i cared way too much about, and now that they are gone it's made me realize that I've out grown them, and as mean as it longer want to know them. And some are gone, but gone in the sense that they have changed and drifted. So what to do now? My feelings aren't hurt by the distance...But I guess it just makes me come to the conclusion that as life goes on, people will come and go into your life. The question is how you handle it. And with all these people coming and going, it is your job to think about if they are truly worthy to be in your life. Because you might have to cut them before life separates you from each other.

I find myself "reviewing" the people in my life on a regular. I know it sounds prude, but in order to have a prospering life, i strongly believe in great friends. So from time to time "cut" people...disconnect...separate. They might be the reason why you can't change for the better, or no progress is being made. Granted you might truly care and value the friendship...but in the long run they might pull you down. So, be careful with your friends...choose wisely...and/or brace yourself, because people will let you down.

This year has been insane...I have been disrespected, humiliated, cherished, missed, disappointed and sad because of friends.Crazy. Be Careful Out There. It's exceedingly difficult to find friends that are worthy of your attention, friendship and love. Also to find people who are as passionate as you are or any other characteristic that you are looking for. But when you find them...fight for the friendship.

Friends...How Many Of Us Have Them?


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Britt's Favorite Indie Flick of the Year!

Love...A complicated emotion! An overpowering feeling! How does one fall in love? And what do you do once you've found it? Blue Valentine is a film that displays real love...real passion, real pleasure, real pain. This film journey's through a couple's life from their dating stages and fast forwards to their married life. This film gives audiences a inside look at a relationship as it falls apart. Perfectly acted by lead man Ryan Gosling and lead woman Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine is a must see intense beautiful film. Graced with a exceptional soundtrack performed and created by indie band GRIZZLY BEAR and the heartfelt song "You and Me" by Penny and The Quarters...Blue Valentine is nothing short of spectacular!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Power Couple

The Beckhams!

Beautiful Power Couple David and Victoria Beckham!

Oh they inspire me!

The New Royals

Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot! Kate wears dress made by Alexander McQueen's successor!

 And the knot has been tied! Million's watched this morning as Prince William marries his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton!

She looked stunning in a beautiful simply fabulous dress designed by Sarah Burton who was Alexander McQueen's right hand woman from 2000- til his death in 2010. Burton has been claimed to be McQueen's successor. And I think she nailed it!

I'm sure Prince Williams mother Princess Diana is smiling from heaven!

Kate looked ravishing this morning! I wish the new royals good luck!


The Drunk Designer

Top Designer looses his temper!

                                                                        John Galliano

John Galliano, one of the worlds most legendary designer's drunk at a bar yelling about Nazis? So what! It doesn't change the fact that he is completely brilliant in the fashion world. 

He is a grown man. Thing's slip when one is drunk. Right? Granted maybe pin pointing something during the "rein" of Hitler wasn't the best choice , but I mean he was drunk! I guess the fashion world is freaking out because he's a legend and people look up to him.

But let's no forget fellow human's, John Galliano is a human being too. Let's Not forget that! Sorry Dior.

CRASH! BANG! Hussein Chalayan!

Car Crash on the catwalk? Who would've thought?

Hussein Chalayan knows how to present a fashion collection in a memorable way. Only he could re-create real life emotions and anxiety that is a car crash and still have a functioning "normal" run-way show.

"it's about the speed in our lives and how it can only result in a crash" he explains. Which is why license plates, handles, and fenders among other various "car related" prints were incorporated into the collection.

Not only did Chalayan grab every ones curiosity, but he knew how to compartmentalize the theatrics of the live smashing glasses and the actual clothes, so that the clothing was still the star of the show.

He has artistically and wisely displayed his maturity and growth by enhancing those in attendance ability to think.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Top INDIE MUSIC Artist's

The Black Keys

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Empire Of The Sun

Toro Y Moi

Mumford and Sons

Local Natives


Plus sized models are really amazing in my opinion! It takes tons of courage to go into an industry based on looks let alone one based on size. It takes courage, will power, and the passion to be successful in anything. And there is nothing wrong with being plus is not one size. You can be fabulous at any size! Long live + size! <3


The Fearless Woman TYRA BANKS

She has inspired millions! Not only from her beauty but from the opportunites she has given others! Tyra Banks started modeling at a very young age! She has come a very long way since then...creating a hit show called America's Next Top Model, Ms. Banks has made it possible for "normal" woman to get there chance at being a top model. Not only does Tyra have her own talk show along with ANTM, she has won Emmy's, been in films, and has done nothing but shed a positive light on woman and how anything is possible. Ms. Banks has defeated many things....being a woman of color and doing all that she insane!!! She is my number 1 source for inspiration! WOOO TEAM TYRA!

Betsey Johnson

Now this woman is not afraid of anything! Spunk, inventive, colorful....Betsey Johnson is not afraid to take risks, or color outside the lines! She is one of the most influential designers in the fashion world, and she has no shame in letting her imagination run wild! She is one of my favorites and is nothing short of fun and brilliant!!

Rachel Zoe

Not Only does she have her own show on Bravo, but she is one hell of a stylist! Rachel Zoe works with high profile clients and dresses them for MAJOR events, award shows, and red carpets. She has quickly worked her way up to the fashion world and is there to stay. Rachel has also  left her footprint in pop culture as well. Coming up with her own "RZ fashion language"...Rachel is one of my favorite fabulous people and she inspires me to be fabulous 24/7!

Top 2 Rachel Zoe Phrases :

Ugh! I die!

This is Banana's!

Fashion Jargon

Fashion Term of the Day

MAJOR: meaning big deal, fabulous, amazing!

Ex: Oh My God! Sandra Bullock looked "MAJOR" in her Oscar De La Renta gown at the 2011 Academy Awards.

Ex: This shirt is major!

Note: This word is used by Rachel Zoe and Paris Hilton!

Leading Men

Finding a leading man for your life is something that takes time, right? I have lived on this earth for 20 years, and still not Lead has come my way. I wonder why that is...I'm constantly watching my friends relationships fall away and not being fought for. Verses me who just wants a chance to make someone else incredibly happy. Hmm sometimes i wonder if i'm the one who is blocking myself..but i have no idea. Me being a dreamer, i watch films with handsome, beautiful leading men...and i find myself constantly thinking about an actor or something....maybe i'm weird..or maybe i'm just human. I just wonder when the flip he will get here! Here's to lead woman, waiting for her lead man. <3 


Anna Wintour

She is my inspiration! She is my God! Anna Wintour is nothing short of spectacular! The editor and chief of Vouge and an overall guru of fashion! She know's how to handle herself like a respectable woman and she knows how to  "work" any situation! She is one of the most powerful and influential people in the billon dollar fashion industry!

Anyone disagree? Yeah that's not likely.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BS Roomates

Riddle Me This....why is it that in college you have a roommate or roommates and for lack of a better phrase they are completely mental? My current roommate as sweet as she is, i can't deal with the constant crying and bitching about how bad her life is when in reality there is nothing really wrong with it. She's adorable but i guess with all the self-esteem issues she has she does not see how blessed she is.
 So for the past two days i haven't said a word too her...I just feel like i cant deal with the mood minute she;s incredibly chipper the next she's crying or upset. Like when are you happy? Yes you are a full time student, and you have a job.....but thats about it. Granted I am a full time student, and i'm an athlete....i don't have a job yet...but maybe i will fully understand when i get one?
 SO in college when you get your roommate i don't know what to tell either works or it doesn't. But i know for me i'm tired of seeing this girl complain about things that a stronger person would be able to handle. I guess what i'm trying to say is grow some nerve and grow a back bone. You are a bitch for the wrong reasons and you bitch for the wrong reasons. Get a grip dude, please.
  I should not come home and feel guilty because my day wasn't as "busy or stressful" as yours was....maybe because i like to enjoy my time and kind of lunge around...i'm just more relaxed than her....i barely get upset. I don't know what it is...i feel like she feels because she's doing so much she has the right to bitch about everything verses me who chills and takes it easy i don's have room to bitch or complain. But who's to say which "method of living" is best? I don't know....we live in the same four walls and i have not said a word to her in 48hours. It's so weird....UGH! roommates!