Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Friendship Roller-Coaster...

Life is very tricky...you're up, you're down. The key (in my opinion) is finding a balance and surrounding yourself with positive people and good vibes. These past two years of University i found the "positive people" part; or so i'd thought.

Before I make friends I have to feel their vibe, before becoming close. Which is normal, i feel like everyone should do that. I thought i had found the perfect bunch of people...but then i realized, that everyone changes. However, there are a select few who change with you, who help you grow and vice versa.

This past year, was great early on...I'd found a solid group of functioning friends and you know what...It felt great. Until everything became to familiar, to planned, to processed. So what do you do then? Well, i tried to pull away from everyone so that there would be space and time to be missed. And it worked for a while.

But now, some friends are gone from my immediate disposal...some whom i cared way too much about, and now that they are gone it's made me realize that I've out grown them, and as mean as it sounds...no longer want to know them. And some are gone, but gone in the sense that they have changed and drifted. So what to do now? My feelings aren't hurt by the distance...But I guess it just makes me come to the conclusion that as life goes on, people will come and go into your life. The question is how you handle it. And with all these people coming and going, it is your job to think about if they are truly worthy to be in your life. Because you might have to cut them before life separates you from each other.

I find myself "reviewing" the people in my life on a regular. I know it sounds prude, but in order to have a prospering life, i strongly believe in great friends. So from time to time "cut" people...disconnect...separate. They might be the reason why you can't change for the better, or no progress is being made. Granted you might truly care and value the friendship...but in the long run they might pull you down. So, be careful with your friends...choose wisely...and/or brace yourself, because people will let you down.

This year has been insane...I have been disrespected, humiliated, cherished, missed, disappointed and sad because of friends.Crazy. Be Careful Out There. It's exceedingly difficult to find friends that are worthy of your attention, friendship and love. Also to find people who are as passionate as you are or any other characteristic that you are looking for. But when you find them...fight for the friendship.

Friends...How Many Of Us Have Them?