Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Up and Coming...

She's a bi-rcial musical genius. Not many know her name...yet. Her name is Sabi and she is my sister. Yep, my oldest sister. As a child i always looked up to her. She's a well-rounded, level headed go getter. And those don't come around often. She started out in a girl group duo called The Bangz...but slowly and successfully branched off to her solo career...being picked up and signed to Warner Brother's music label. In the past four months Sabi has made sprints into making a name for herself; being featured on Britney Spear's new album "Femme Fatal" on the track titled Beautiful (Drop Dead)...and very recently being featured on Cobra Starship's new single "You Make Me Feel". This weekend May 14th, she will be premiering her solo song "Goodnight" at Kiss FM L.A and Ryan Seacrest's Wango Tango held in downtown Los Angeles at The Staples Center.

Sabi has a bright future ahead of her. I know she will do very well in the music world, and be a positive influence. Growing up in a broken home, my sister's and I had to work, fight, and push for everything we wanted! And for her to get here within a couple of years is nothing short of spectacular! Sabi is a very determined and educated 23 year old...who has a degree in Communications from LBSU! 
This burst of fresh talent has nothing but success ahead of her. Team Sabi ALL THE WAY! 

Check Out Some Of Her Stuff...
Britney Spears feat Sabi "Beautiful (Drop Dead)
Cobra Starship feat. Sabi " You Make Me Feel"

Sabi "Goodnight"

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