Friday, April 29, 2011

Power Couple

The Beckhams!

Beautiful Power Couple David and Victoria Beckham!

Oh they inspire me!

The New Royals

Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot! Kate wears dress made by Alexander McQueen's successor!

 And the knot has been tied! Million's watched this morning as Prince William marries his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton!

She looked stunning in a beautiful simply fabulous dress designed by Sarah Burton who was Alexander McQueen's right hand woman from 2000- til his death in 2010. Burton has been claimed to be McQueen's successor. And I think she nailed it!

I'm sure Prince Williams mother Princess Diana is smiling from heaven!

Kate looked ravishing this morning! I wish the new royals good luck!


The Drunk Designer

Top Designer looses his temper!

                                                                        John Galliano

John Galliano, one of the worlds most legendary designer's drunk at a bar yelling about Nazis? So what! It doesn't change the fact that he is completely brilliant in the fashion world. 

He is a grown man. Thing's slip when one is drunk. Right? Granted maybe pin pointing something during the "rein" of Hitler wasn't the best choice , but I mean he was drunk! I guess the fashion world is freaking out because he's a legend and people look up to him.

But let's no forget fellow human's, John Galliano is a human being too. Let's Not forget that! Sorry Dior.

CRASH! BANG! Hussein Chalayan!

Car Crash on the catwalk? Who would've thought?

Hussein Chalayan knows how to present a fashion collection in a memorable way. Only he could re-create real life emotions and anxiety that is a car crash and still have a functioning "normal" run-way show.

"it's about the speed in our lives and how it can only result in a crash" he explains. Which is why license plates, handles, and fenders among other various "car related" prints were incorporated into the collection.

Not only did Chalayan grab every ones curiosity, but he knew how to compartmentalize the theatrics of the live smashing glasses and the actual clothes, so that the clothing was still the star of the show.

He has artistically and wisely displayed his maturity and growth by enhancing those in attendance ability to think.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Top INDIE MUSIC Artist's

The Black Keys

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Empire Of The Sun

Toro Y Moi

Mumford and Sons

Local Natives


Plus sized models are really amazing in my opinion! It takes tons of courage to go into an industry based on looks let alone one based on size. It takes courage, will power, and the passion to be successful in anything. And there is nothing wrong with being plus is not one size. You can be fabulous at any size! Long live + size! <3


The Fearless Woman TYRA BANKS

She has inspired millions! Not only from her beauty but from the opportunites she has given others! Tyra Banks started modeling at a very young age! She has come a very long way since then...creating a hit show called America's Next Top Model, Ms. Banks has made it possible for "normal" woman to get there chance at being a top model. Not only does Tyra have her own talk show along with ANTM, she has won Emmy's, been in films, and has done nothing but shed a positive light on woman and how anything is possible. Ms. Banks has defeated many things....being a woman of color and doing all that she insane!!! She is my number 1 source for inspiration! WOOO TEAM TYRA!

Betsey Johnson

Now this woman is not afraid of anything! Spunk, inventive, colorful....Betsey Johnson is not afraid to take risks, or color outside the lines! She is one of the most influential designers in the fashion world, and she has no shame in letting her imagination run wild! She is one of my favorites and is nothing short of fun and brilliant!!

Rachel Zoe

Not Only does she have her own show on Bravo, but she is one hell of a stylist! Rachel Zoe works with high profile clients and dresses them for MAJOR events, award shows, and red carpets. She has quickly worked her way up to the fashion world and is there to stay. Rachel has also  left her footprint in pop culture as well. Coming up with her own "RZ fashion language"...Rachel is one of my favorite fabulous people and she inspires me to be fabulous 24/7!

Top 2 Rachel Zoe Phrases :

Ugh! I die!

This is Banana's!

Fashion Jargon

Fashion Term of the Day

MAJOR: meaning big deal, fabulous, amazing!

Ex: Oh My God! Sandra Bullock looked "MAJOR" in her Oscar De La Renta gown at the 2011 Academy Awards.

Ex: This shirt is major!

Note: This word is used by Rachel Zoe and Paris Hilton!

Leading Men

Finding a leading man for your life is something that takes time, right? I have lived on this earth for 20 years, and still not Lead has come my way. I wonder why that is...I'm constantly watching my friends relationships fall away and not being fought for. Verses me who just wants a chance to make someone else incredibly happy. Hmm sometimes i wonder if i'm the one who is blocking myself..but i have no idea. Me being a dreamer, i watch films with handsome, beautiful leading men...and i find myself constantly thinking about an actor or something....maybe i'm weird..or maybe i'm just human. I just wonder when the flip he will get here! Here's to lead woman, waiting for her lead man. <3 


Anna Wintour

She is my inspiration! She is my God! Anna Wintour is nothing short of spectacular! The editor and chief of Vouge and an overall guru of fashion! She know's how to handle herself like a respectable woman and she knows how to  "work" any situation! She is one of the most powerful and influential people in the billon dollar fashion industry!

Anyone disagree? Yeah that's not likely.