Monday, December 5, 2011

My Record Player "Sir Mix-A-Lot"

 I tell myself everyday, if i did not have my record player to listen too after my 18 hour days with my vanilla creme candle from Pier 1 imports...I would probably be a fcuking emo kid...a lost dark and twisty soul. But, since Sir Mix-A-Lot is alive and well, I am alive and well. I find myself spending whopping amounts of money to buy lp's and vinyls...but it's ok, it's literally the only thing keeping my saine from my chaotic, confusing life. Right now as I type this i'm listening too Coldplay's "Parachutes" record...mmmm, it's literally a perfect fucking album. I've been listening to this and only this for the past week...despite the fact I have a bunch of other records to listen too. But there is something so raw and passionate about Parachutes.
 Ameoba Music is Hollywood, California has easily become my "church", as soon as I walk in I forget about the outside world, and I frolic through the millions of albums and records that they carry. I breathe evenly, and i'm excited. It's my sanctuary. It's my relationship. It's my love. It's my inspiration!

Cheer's to records and inspiration,

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