Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beginning of SUMMER SONG

This just makes me wanna clean; or drive somewhere in a convertible with a cigarette in hand!

Summer! Summer! Summer!

Summer Summer Summer Time!

 As of 1:45pm Friday, May 20th, 2011...I completed my second year of college! And am now in summer break! So stoked! Although this wasn't my best year academically,  it was still a tough one. Friendship roller coaster, room mate roller coaster, new cheer coach, fired from a job, family deaths, and crazy over bearing emotions. However there were more good times than bad!
 Now that summer is here, i can rebuild myself. Re-create myself. I will also be living out a dream of mine...teaching cheerleading at a summer camp. I have always wanted to do that...and now i can. This summer is going to be amazing...and my sister Cristy is a staff member as well. WINNING! and also my fellow counselors are from all over the world, so i can make friends from people from different countries. I am so excited! Hopefully everything goes well, and everything is super amazing.
 Now that summer is here it;s time to re-evaluate everything and make sure i;m doing everything i can to have a superb life. So far so good! This fall I will be getting my first apartment with homie Steven! The best person on the planet! This year starting with this summer is going to be so great! Positive change! Hard-work! and good laughs! So excited!

and here I go!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Up and Coming...

Kazaky! NOT ONLY do they where high heels better than a woman...but they dance in them too! They are simply amazing and Ukrainian!


My other passion...

So I know this might sound corny...but I love cheerleading. I have been cheering for about six years now. One year on an all-star team, three years in my high school varsity team, and two years on my university's team. I think obsessed with the hard work and coaches don't take crap from anyone. But it's so fun, and i learn new tricks and new skills. It's a whole other world. And this summer I'm really stoked because a dream of mine will be coming true! Teaching cheer at a summer camp for kids. Camp Starlight! woo! But yes, I'm a cheerleader! <3

Song Of The Morning!

One of my favorite bands...the use of guitar just make me want to dance!!! < 3

The Two Door Cinema Club with Under Cover Martyn

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wango Tango 2011

 This past weekend May 14th, I got a great opportunity to go to Kiss FM's Wango Tango, with a backstage pass. The concert was held in the Staples Center in Downtown, Los Angeles. There was a pre-show outside of the Staples Center, then the main even took place inside. I was amongst celebs...and got to witness first hand how artists prepare for a show, how they warm up, how they get pumped to go on stage, and then see them actually perform.
 Among the top dogs like J.Lo, Kesha, Britney Spears, and Cobra Starship...was newcomer and upcoming artist Sabi, who is my sister. She performed her solo song "goodnight" at the pre-show then did a huge performance with Cobra Starship at the main concert, and performed their new song " You Make Me Feel". It was such a surreal moment/experience to see my sister on a giant stage with people chanting her name. I was very lucky to have the experience i had. Watching the chaos backstage, and being right in the middle of all of it, running into celebs...watching the red carpet up close and personal, meeting my favorite artists, and being around people in the entertainment industry.
 Although my day was incredibly long, starting from 6am- ending at 3am the next day, Wango Tango weekend was so spectacular! I am incredibly inspired, and so proud of my sister! I also have a new found respect for's not easy being in the spotlight. Hair, make-up, wardrobe, nerves, media yelling at you for your picture, but once you get on that stage...once you hear your fans I'm sure all of it is worth it.

Wango Tango 2011

The Outside Stage


Me inside the Staples Center

Me and Sabi
Sabi -red carpet


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Song Of The Morning...

Chromeo...he's a strange guy, but brilliant non- the less.

His new song " Don't Turn The Lights On" is a winner!

perfect song to listen while waking up, and starting your day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Phillipe + David Blond

Husband and Husband! These two fabulous designers are just...well...FABULOUS!

Enough said.


She understands how to carry herself as a woman, she understands how to dress woman. Carolina Herrera is nothing short of brilliant! She has mastered strength, class and beauty which all reflects in her clothing line. Born in Venezuela, she was raised to believe that all woman should be fabulous no matter what they do. Although she is a posh woman, she has every right to be! She has done nothing but inspired women all over the world on how to present themselves.

She is a fashion genius, and on of my biggest sources of inspiration!

Long Live Carolina Herrera

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Up and Coming...

She's a bi-rcial musical genius. Not many know her name...yet. Her name is Sabi and she is my sister. Yep, my oldest sister. As a child i always looked up to her. She's a well-rounded, level headed go getter. And those don't come around often. She started out in a girl group duo called The Bangz...but slowly and successfully branched off to her solo career...being picked up and signed to Warner Brother's music label. In the past four months Sabi has made sprints into making a name for herself; being featured on Britney Spear's new album "Femme Fatal" on the track titled Beautiful (Drop Dead)...and very recently being featured on Cobra Starship's new single "You Make Me Feel". This weekend May 14th, she will be premiering her solo song "Goodnight" at Kiss FM L.A and Ryan Seacrest's Wango Tango held in downtown Los Angeles at The Staples Center.

Sabi has a bright future ahead of her. I know she will do very well in the music world, and be a positive influence. Growing up in a broken home, my sister's and I had to work, fight, and push for everything we wanted! And for her to get here within a couple of years is nothing short of spectacular! Sabi is a very determined and educated 23 year old...who has a degree in Communications from LBSU! 
This burst of fresh talent has nothing but success ahead of her. Team Sabi ALL THE WAY! 

Check Out Some Of Her Stuff...
Britney Spears feat Sabi "Beautiful (Drop Dead)
Cobra Starship feat. Sabi " You Make Me Feel"

Sabi "Goodnight"

Song Of The Night

The lyrics to this song are spectacular! This is my song of the night! Be strong! Be Yourself!

Long Live Ellie Goulding

Friendship Roller-Coaster...

Life is very're up, you're down. The key (in my opinion) is finding a balance and surrounding yourself with positive people and good vibes. These past two years of University i found the "positive people" part; or so i'd thought.

Before I make friends I have to feel their vibe, before becoming close. Which is normal, i feel like everyone should do that. I thought i had found the perfect bunch of people...but then i realized, that everyone changes. However, there are a select few who change with you, who help you grow and vice versa.

This past year, was great early on...I'd found a solid group of functioning friends and you know what...It felt great. Until everything became to familiar, to planned, to processed. So what do you do then? Well, i tried to pull away from everyone so that there would be space and time to be missed. And it worked for a while.

But now, some friends are gone from my immediate disposal...some whom i cared way too much about, and now that they are gone it's made me realize that I've out grown them, and as mean as it longer want to know them. And some are gone, but gone in the sense that they have changed and drifted. So what to do now? My feelings aren't hurt by the distance...But I guess it just makes me come to the conclusion that as life goes on, people will come and go into your life. The question is how you handle it. And with all these people coming and going, it is your job to think about if they are truly worthy to be in your life. Because you might have to cut them before life separates you from each other.

I find myself "reviewing" the people in my life on a regular. I know it sounds prude, but in order to have a prospering life, i strongly believe in great friends. So from time to time "cut" people...disconnect...separate. They might be the reason why you can't change for the better, or no progress is being made. Granted you might truly care and value the friendship...but in the long run they might pull you down. So, be careful with your friends...choose wisely...and/or brace yourself, because people will let you down.

This year has been insane...I have been disrespected, humiliated, cherished, missed, disappointed and sad because of friends.Crazy. Be Careful Out There. It's exceedingly difficult to find friends that are worthy of your attention, friendship and love. Also to find people who are as passionate as you are or any other characteristic that you are looking for. But when you find them...fight for the friendship.

Friends...How Many Of Us Have Them?


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Britt's Favorite Indie Flick of the Year!

Love...A complicated emotion! An overpowering feeling! How does one fall in love? And what do you do once you've found it? Blue Valentine is a film that displays real love...real passion, real pleasure, real pain. This film journey's through a couple's life from their dating stages and fast forwards to their married life. This film gives audiences a inside look at a relationship as it falls apart. Perfectly acted by lead man Ryan Gosling and lead woman Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine is a must see intense beautiful film. Graced with a exceptional soundtrack performed and created by indie band GRIZZLY BEAR and the heartfelt song "You and Me" by Penny and The Quarters...Blue Valentine is nothing short of spectacular!