Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BS Roomates

Riddle Me This....why is it that in college you have a roommate or roommates and for lack of a better phrase they are completely mental? My current roommate as sweet as she is, i can't deal with the constant crying and bitching about how bad her life is when in reality there is nothing really wrong with it. She's adorable but i guess with all the self-esteem issues she has she does not see how blessed she is.
 So for the past two days i haven't said a word too her...I just feel like i cant deal with the mood minute she;s incredibly chipper the next she's crying or upset. Like when are you happy? Yes you are a full time student, and you have a job.....but thats about it. Granted I am a full time student, and i'm an athlete....i don't have a job yet...but maybe i will fully understand when i get one?
 SO in college when you get your roommate i don't know what to tell either works or it doesn't. But i know for me i'm tired of seeing this girl complain about things that a stronger person would be able to handle. I guess what i'm trying to say is grow some nerve and grow a back bone. You are a bitch for the wrong reasons and you bitch for the wrong reasons. Get a grip dude, please.
  I should not come home and feel guilty because my day wasn't as "busy or stressful" as yours was....maybe because i like to enjoy my time and kind of lunge around...i'm just more relaxed than her....i barely get upset. I don't know what it is...i feel like she feels because she's doing so much she has the right to bitch about everything verses me who chills and takes it easy i don's have room to bitch or complain. But who's to say which "method of living" is best? I don't know....we live in the same four walls and i have not said a word to her in 48hours. It's so weird....UGH! roommates!

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