Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tip Of The Day...

Do what YOU have to do to make YOUR life the shit!


Music Obsession At The Moment

I've alway's loved the chill wave genre...but Washed Out has taken it to another level! I picked up the vinyl at a little record shop in Philly! And my obsession is getting out of hand...this music makes me think and feel like every move i will make in life is 100% going to happen. There is something incredibly sexy and magical about this album! <3

Fav New Movie at the moment....

Midnight in Paris
Two Words: Woody Allen. Enough said.

Show Me What I'm Looking For...

This coming up fall semester I will be takeing off. I just need to time to figure things out and live a little bit more and experience things a little bit more. How cheezy right? But I'm looking for something...but i'm not sure what it is. I just know that i have yet to find it. Yes I have met amazing amazing people, but thats not what i'm missing. I'm looking for something else, and i won't know what it is until it finds me, or until my breathe has been taken away.
 And no i'm not really talking about a guy...blah blah blah he will come. I'm talking about life! There is something fantastic missing from it...but i have no idea what it is. I have found myself great at everything i have i need a challenge! Something that will come with a huge reward. I don't know. I just need to figure stuff out. And i will be takeing this semester to do that. Although my father and aunts and grandmother don't really understand that...but i understand it. My sister's understand. And i am confident that i will find what it is i'm looking for...or maybe it will find me.

Here's to clear minds, and free souls.


Summer 2011...So Far

 This summer has been crazy! I worked at a camp as a counsleor for 6 weeks! It was the hardest job ever. But i had fun the days that were good. There was so much bs other than that, not from my girls whom i counsled but from my boses. I've never felt so nothing i was doing was right. So as a result i made the executive decision to leave. I chose happiness and sanity. The camp world was so closed off and sheltered. I just couldnt  do it anymore. But over those 6 weeks...I went camping, white water rafting, kanoeing every day, rock climbing, and taught gymnastics. It was great...I also met tons of people, people from all over the world like London, New Zeland, Australia etc. Super interesting experience.
  But since i left camp, which was about five days ago maybe...I've done crazy things. My sister Sabi is on tour with Britney Spears is NYC for a week and a half, so i met up with her and went to a Femme Fatale show with my other sister Cristy, and we were backstage, met a bunch of cool people and are living the high life. It feels good because being left with my thoughts as far as leaving camp was killing me. I kept going back and forth...did i make the right choice? Didn't i? but now after going to the show and parties, and events it just made me want to live and explore the world and life. At camp i felt so shut down, and felt shitty and not like me. No beuno. I had to do what made me happy. Now I'm sitting in my hotel room getting ready for a Warner Bro's party. Nuts. I can't even register what's going with my sister's career...and ultimately whats going to happen to my family and i in the next couple months and years.
 This summer i have grown so much. I can look back at my journal entries and see the growth. I am very blessed and thankful to be in the position that i am in at this very moment. It's crazy! Rooftop parties in NYC, dinner at 3am, hair and make-up team, fabulous clothes, going to events, meeting producers and other celebs whom i adore and look up to. I can't even. I'm so humbled by all of it. I just hope that my life only get's better. Right now it's all about my sister which is amazing....but I can't wait for my career to really really start. I've sort of dipped my feet in my career, but i want that push and the opportunity to really make a name for myself.'s been a great summer of growth for me!

Let The Good Times Roll. <3