Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer Summer Summer Time!

 As of 1:45pm Friday, May 20th, 2011...I completed my second year of college! And am now in summer break! So stoked! Although this wasn't my best year academically,  it was still a tough one. Friendship roller coaster, room mate roller coaster, new cheer coach, fired from a job, family deaths, and crazy over bearing emotions. However there were more good times than bad!
 Now that summer is here, i can rebuild myself. Re-create myself. I will also be living out a dream of mine...teaching cheerleading at a summer camp. I have always wanted to do that...and now i can. This summer is going to be amazing...and my sister Cristy is a staff member as well. WINNING! and also my fellow counselors are from all over the world, so i can make friends from people from different countries. I am so excited! Hopefully everything goes well, and everything is super amazing.
 Now that summer is here it;s time to re-evaluate everything and make sure i;m doing everything i can to have a superb life. So far so good! This fall I will be getting my first apartment with homie Steven! The best person on the planet! This year starting with this summer is going to be so great! Positive change! Hard-work! and good laughs! So excited!

and here I go!

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