Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My crazy life...

So...I do a million things a day. And my day usually starts at 8am on the dot....not to bad but, my day won't  end til midnight or later. SO i'm tired a lot. But anyway i get to do some really cool things...listen to tracks before they get recorded on, go to cool band shows or just shows in general, meet some of my idols, be around great people, be around interesting hard working people, and be around coffee, cell phones, clip boards and head sets 24/7 lol. However my biggest tool is my eyes, ears, and imagination...I have to be able to see bullshit from a mile away, i have to be ahead and prepared 24/7, i have to have a good ear for talent and for music, i have to use my imagination to be able to see use for a song to a scene that hasn't even been created yet. I'm around type a, big ballers all the time which make me have to be on my toes. and on average i meet 15 new people a day and i have to know there names, jobs, by the next time i see them. I'm super tired, and i work 50-65 hours a week. I'm very blessed to be in the situation that i am...and i owe it all to my sister Sabi. I would not be where i am with out her and my family. Shit is crazy!

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