Monday, December 5, 2011

Fuck Off...

Who has time to listen to what people have to say about you? If it's not your really good friends, or really close family then who cares? Why would you care? Why should you care? ... YOU SHOULDN'T. There is no time in life to try and make everyone a little selfish and fuck them your life, have your good friends around and be happy. Whatever makes you happy... do that. Life moves whether you move with it or not. SO, stop being held back by other people's comments, people who you don't have to get to know, or see ever again. They are so insignifcant it's retarded. Keep the people and things around you that truly matter to you, and live your fucking life, for fuck sake!

Everything's not lost,

Song of the morning...

Coldplay understand's.

"we've been living life, inside a bubble"


My Record Player "Sir Mix-A-Lot"

 I tell myself everyday, if i did not have my record player to listen too after my 18 hour days with my vanilla creme candle from Pier 1 imports...I would probably be a fcuking emo kid...a lost dark and twisty soul. But, since Sir Mix-A-Lot is alive and well, I am alive and well. I find myself spending whopping amounts of money to buy lp's and vinyls...but it's ok, it's literally the only thing keeping my saine from my chaotic, confusing life. Right now as I type this i'm listening too Coldplay's "Parachutes" record...mmmm, it's literally a perfect fucking album. I've been listening to this and only this for the past week...despite the fact I have a bunch of other records to listen too. But there is something so raw and passionate about Parachutes.
 Ameoba Music is Hollywood, California has easily become my "church", as soon as I walk in I forget about the outside world, and I frolic through the millions of albums and records that they carry. I breathe evenly, and i'm excited. It's my sanctuary. It's my relationship. It's my love. It's my inspiration!

Cheer's to records and inspiration,

Favorite Movie of Fall 2011...(so far)

This film is so beautiful and perfect. It's so relatable and fresh. I'm obsessed with this film. It's right up there with Blue Valentine. So amazing!

Can anybody fly this thing? (thing, meaning life)

So, I feel like i'm 100% confused and confuzzled on what it is i should be doing. I feel lost at time, stuck even. Because i spend my days working, and working, and oh working somemore...but i ask myself, what am i working this hard for? I mean it's good that i am working, but it's not towards anything that i really care about anymore. Also, i'm under stress to find another school to transfer too, another university. I just don't know. However, I do know that i love films, and music. I would love to be a director and a music supervisor, and study abroad in London or Paris. Hmmm...maybe i just answered my own questions. be continued....

Laugh with me a little...